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Body Language of Liars, Killers, & Cons

Are you fascinated by True Crime? Then THIS is the course for you!

At first, learning the Body Language of Liars, Killers, & Cons may seem intimidating.  But with Greg and Scott's expert guidance you'll be spotting lies and untangling suspects' stories faster than you could have ever imagined. 

Learn the skills and confidence needed to tackle the most daunting suspects in True Crime cases with ease.  You will learn from real Body Language Experts, not from those who have simply Googled what they "teach" and "train".  

Scott and Greg's real-world experience and training have made them the #1 online Body Language Trainers with their #1 online training course Body Language Tactics, which has become the go-to course for learning Body Language.  And keep in mind, these guys are ½ of the team Dr. Phil calls when he needs to know exactly what Body Language cues he's seeing.


Meet Your Instructors

"They are World-Class Body Language and Human Behavior Experts." - Dr. Phil 


The path to becoming an expert Lie Spotter and Crime Solver takes dedication and time.  However, if you'll spend the same amount of time every day it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, you'll have no problem becoming an armchair pro!  What are you waiting for?

30 video lessons and 30 downloadable MP3's and PDF's you can take anywhere.

Lessons average 7 to 11 minutes.

- When a news reporter questions a mother or father about a missing child, what are the first things you should start looking and listening for?  We tell you and show you.  
- What should you look for as the reporter asks the question?  We tell you and show you.
- What should you look and listen for after each question is asked?  We're gonna tell you and show you.  
- What should you look and listen for after they answer a question?  We'll tell you and show you that as well.
- What questions should you ask anyone you suspect of deception and how should you ask them?  You got it.  We're gonna teach you how to do that too!

True Crime shows and news stories will never look the same again.

From the initial 911 call to the confession, Scott & Greg walk you through the simple 7 step process they use when training Law Enforcement.


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Your Certificate of Completion

At end of the course, you get a hi-res Professional Certificate of Completion to display at home and online to let the world know about your new skillset.

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The True Crime Worksop


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All The Tools You Need To Understand And Solve True Crime Situations And Shows.

Two of the top Body Language Experts and Interrogators in the world walk you step by step through understanding and solving True Crime.