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Be part of the only community where the only thing we talk about, learn, discuss, teach, and train, is Body Language!

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What Is Body Language Membership?

Body Language Membership is a monthly subscription site where you get exclusive content that only Members have access to. You'll have unlimited access to classes, live Q&A sessions, downloadable mp3's, videos, and more! You also get a Body Language mini-course when you join! 

Then, jump into the Body Language Community to post and discuss what’s on your mind and what you’ve learned this month with other Members just like you as you continue to learn and become the Human Behavior Expert you always knew you could be.

Once again, Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley provide a World-Class experience of training and information you won’t get anywhere else. Come on in and introduce yourself, we can't wait to meet you!

Inside you'll find The Training Academy

Your monthly training begins here, where you'll find a New Lesson focused on the keys to understanding Body Language.  From psychological to physiological, Scott and Greg will walk you step by step through the world of nonverbal communication and behavior.


Every month you'll get a new lesson from two of the foremost Body Language Experts in the world.  From dissecting behavior in business meetings and on dates, to lie spotting out in the wild.


Every month Scott & Greg will interview an expert, or an Entertainer, a Homicide Detective, an actor, a comedian, an interrogator, or a musician. The discussions?  Body Language!

Live Q&A

Every month Scott and Greg will host LIVE Q&A sessions to answer questions from the newbie level to the professional level.  Whatever you want to know, just ask Scott and Greg!  LIVE!

MP3s & PDFs

Every month you'll get a downloadable MP3 and a PDF.  Now you can begin building your own personal library of Body Language information you can listen to and review any time you want.

Inside You'll Find The Membership Mini-Course

You get access to the Body Language mini-course Scott and Greg put together with some of the most important Lessons from their #1 Body Language Course, Body Language Tactics, so you'll hit the ground running!

Be Part Of The Only Membership Site Of It's Kind!

The only thing we teach, train, talk about, and discuss is Body Language!

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Be Part Of The Only Membership site Of It's Kind!

Think about it. For the price of 5 cups of Starbucks Coffee every month, you could be learning about Body Language and Human Behavior from two of the world's top experts and be part of the first online Body Language community! 

Inside You'll Find The Body Language Community 

The Body Language Community is where you'll meet the other Members, ask questions, discuss lessons, and even talk to Scott and Greg.  Start a thread, post a video, post an article, post a photo, or just let everyone know what's on your mind! 

Join The Only Membership Site Of Its Kind!

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Be part of the only community where the only thing we talk about, learn, discuss, teach, and train, is Body Language!

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